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Our Goal

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Our Services

  • Broken Springs Replacements

  • Gate Receiver Replacement and Limit Switch Adjustments

  • Garage Door & Gate Sales Installations and Fabrication

  • Loose Cable and Bent Tracks Repair 

  • Automatic Garage Door & Gate Openers

  • V-Track & Chain Replacements

Garage Door or Gate Repair Services: Professionally Done and Affordable

We are family-owned garage door & gate repair services co. serving the Los Angeles County & surrounding areas. Our expert technicians have  years of experience in the residential and commercial garage door & gate repair industry. For honest, ethical & professional garage door or gate repair services from a local small business, get in touch with us today 877-757-2005. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, so when you hire us, you will also get the most for your budget for all your garage door or gate repair services. No matter the issue,  call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians. Even when you call us for emergencies or during odd hours (we’re available on Sundays & most holidays), we will be there and charge the same affordable rates. Never per hour, always per project!

Emergency Broken Spring Repair Service

Broken garage door springs is a common problem you may experience due to common wear and tear. Our professionals carry most sizes with them, or have access to custom size springs, which will be supplied & installed quickly and efficiently by our garage door experts.  Broken Spring Replacement is our specialty and we attend all calls as we know that a broken springs is an emergency situation.  Your door will be “dead weight” if your springs are broken. We do not suggest you to try and replace them or open the heavy door yourself. Call the Professionals 877-757-2005! Our Garage Door Broken Spring pros are the best in town and we will be there ASAP.

Automatic Garage Door & Gate Opener Repair Services & Installations

In need of an automatic garage door opener or have one that’s acting up? We are a one stop shop, full service Garage Door & Gate Repair Service Company and offer same day service. Depending on the situation, we will offer to repair or install a new automatic garage door opener as fast as possible so that you may be on your way. Same day service ~ no extra cost ~ top quality service. We guarantee our work as we work with the best manufacturers & latest products.

Custom Steel, Wood & Glass Garage Doors

Choosing the right garage door for your home has become effortless thanks to our huge collection. You can choose from various colors, panels and materials (steel, wood or glass). Our garage doors are made in the various areas of CA. We do not offer mediocre garage doors and the garage door you choose will last years to come. We recommend that you call us for your general garage door maintenance 1-2 times yearly to avoid any emergency, more costly, garage door repairs.

Garage Door & Gate Safety Sensor Repair or Replacements

Garage Door or gate wont close or closing and reopening on its own? We have the answers to all your garage door repair services and we give accurate, on site estimates with no hidden costs. Sometimes you may experience faulty garage door or gate sensors and require repair quickly, as the sensors are what prevent the door or gate from closing unexpectedly. When you are in need of Sensor Repair, we can be there ASAP. Call us anytime 877-757-2005 to schedule all emergency or general appointments.

Garage Door or Gate Off Track Repairs

When your garage door or gate comes down slanted or off the track, and you still try to operate it, it might damage the tracks. This will require professional assistance. Often times the rollers can damage tracks when the lubricant dries or from wear and tear. Of course, there’s no need to worry as our Garage Door and Gate Service Los Angeles track experts offer emergency repair services, diagnose the problem immediately and repair it quickly with unbeatable prices.

Intercom Repairs and Installations

Searching for Intercom repairs near me? Whether you are looking for wireless or wired intercom system, video or smart home intercom system, we can help with all Intercom repairs and installations.  We will discuss all different options with you so that you can find the best and most affordable solution for your homes’ or business’ intercom needs.  The wireless intercom allows communication between inside & outside the building, depending on distance between. The wired intercom provides better quality sound and more reliable for connection. The video intercom, becoming more popular these days, is a wired connection  in order to send a higher quality video feed. A smart home intercom option allows you view the intercom camera, communicate with visitors and provide entry all from an app on your phone.

Whatever you may choose, we can install them for you and give warranty on all service and labor as we are confident that we are the best in the field.