Long gone are the days when the only choice was to install noisy and clunky automatic gate that always seemed to have something go wrong with it. In those days, you could hear a gate opening from way down the street.


Today, automatic gates are far more quiet, operate effortlessly and don’t have all the mechanical gate issues they once had. However, as in life, electronic devices aren’t 100% fool-proof, so you can expect some issues here and there. 


How to check if there’s a problem with the electronic gate? Sound. Here are some ideas and tips to help lessen gate noise so that you are not announcing to the entire block of your arrival or departure from home.

Check Your Technology

Automatic gate motors tend to get noisy after years of usage, normal wear and tear, or ignorance of general maintenance. If you have an old brush motor, it can get gummed up and the brushes need to be replaced. One of the developments of today’s electronic gate technology is the brush-less motor that allows for less maintenance and longer lifespan when properly maintained. Brush-less motors no longer heat up as much and operate much more efficiently.

A Squeaky Gate

Lubrication is recommended for all the bearings and moving parts on your gate. Internal cogs and gear mechanisms can make a lot of noise if not properly take care of. Use a gate lubricant that is rated for heavy duty use or call us today for general maintenance on your automatic gate repair.

Chains Vs. Belts

If your gate still has chains, replacing them with belts will cut down on the noise significantly. Todays belt systems run smoother, quieter and last much longer then those of the past.

Switch To An Underground Drive System

Above-ground drive systems are, by nature, noisy. Having an underground drive installed will cut down on noise in a significant way. Additionally, an underground drive system also cuts down on maintenance since it isn’t exposed to outside elements.

Keep Your Gate Motor Clean

Keeping your gate motor free of debris like dirt, dust and moisture will help keep the noise down and running smoother. Anything that gets into your gate motor will slow it down and make it noisier, so regularly inspect it and remove any dirt and debris.