Even the outmost quality of automatic gates has a limited lifespan. Being available to outside elements for a long period of time will eventually cause damage to parts of the gate like the motor, chain, wheels, internal components, hinges, and other important parts needed for it to function properly.

While repairing these automatic gate issues is doable in most cases, sometimes a gate has simply faced too much wear and tear to properly repair. Often times it’s also more cost effective to simply replace the gate. Knowing when it’s time to replace your automatic gate can be difficult, especially when it’s not the first thing we think about during our busy daily routine.

What to look out for when it’s time to replace your automatic gate:

Slow Performance

The last thing you ever want from an automatic gate is slow performance – it completely ruins the entire purpose of the “automatic” part of gate! If you start noticing that your automatic gate is taking longer to open and close, there is a very good chance the opener needs to be replaced. Gates should open and close in just a few seconds of a touch.
Sometimes the issue is fixable, especially if it’s down to obstruction on the track or minor problems with the motor. However, if you don’t notice obvious causes for the reduced mobility then a replacement is probably the best option.

Gate Doesn’t Close or Open

Just like slow operation, you never want your automatic gate to be stay open or jammed shut. Again, check for obstructions to see if this is the cause of the problem. If not, then you probably need to replace the motor or the entire gate depending on the severity of the problem and the availability of replacement parts.

No Spare Parts Available

As previously mentioned, sometimes you can fix common automatic gate issues by replacing parts, but these aren’t always available. In fact, if you find it impossible to buy any sort of replacement part, such as a motor or minor component, then you may have to replace the entire thing.
With a new gate, you get the benefit of having easily replaceable parts should problems arise down the line, saving you time and money overall.

Damaged Motor

When an automatic gate motor is heavily damaged then it’s an obvious sign a replacement is needed. We will do our best to find the best possible option of opener for your existing gate. Look for signs of corrosion or rusting around the motor to see how damaged it is. Sometimes wear and tear causes the damage while its often caused by extreme weather or even pests, so take the time to inspect the gate motor to determine if your gate needs replacement.

Not Enough Safety Features

Sometimes a gate is still operating but still considered unsafe, usually when there are obvious safety risks using the gate. This often happens with older gates installed when there was a lack of safety regulations in place. We offer exist loops and safety sensors, let us offer the best options so that you can make the best decision for your gate. For instance, collision and crushing are a massive safety risk that could be present in older gates, so check for any safety features – or lack of – to see whether your gate should be replaced with a safer upgrade.

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