Homeowners can handle a few garage door repair issues if the problem is not too complex. Though some garage door repairs can be unsafe such as repairing torsion spring, you can handle squeaky and stiff doors by proper lubrication and cleaning at least once a year, or call a professional garage door and request general garage door maintenance.

If you are interested in garage door repair yourself, consider a few things.

First of all, switch off the automatic garage door opener. You may be standing on a ladder while inspecting your garage door or automatic garage door opener and slight chance getting shocked if the garage door opener is not switched off. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses while working with power tools.

Look for Damages in the Garage Door Tracks:
Check the metal garage door tracks for damages; it is an effective garage door tip to solve your garage door problems. You may find bumps or dents in your garage door metal tracks. You may be able to fix tiny dents that are caused by wear and tear yourself.

Look for the Alignment of the Tracks:
The problem in your garage door not working properly may also be caused by the misalignment of the tracks. You can fix this problem without unscrewing the tracks by loosening the screws and tapping the tracks slightly into their position. You can check the alignment of the tracks by a level. By adjusting the tracks properly, your garage door repair can work in no time.

Clean the Tracks:
Your garage door can simply stick because of corroded dirt and old lubricants. You can use regular cleaners for cleaning the tracks and drying them properly.

Lubricate the Rollers and Tracks:
By lubricating the garage door tracks and rollers you avoid a few issues on your garage door. You can use garage door lubricant spray found in your local hardware store such as Home Depot, for the lubrication of the tracks. Lubrication is essential for all the moving parts of your garage door. This will keep things moving smoother and, in many cases, help avoid sudden emergency garage door repairs.

Tighten the loose screws and bolts:
With time and usage, bolts and screws loosen. Check all the screws and bolts of your garage door. At times all your garage door repair requires is a little tightening of screws. Sometimes, holes can also become loose, and you cannot tighten the screws. In such cases, use pieces of wood or wood fillers to fill the gaps.

What can be dangerous for you?
If you tried all of the minor repairs by yourself and are still having garage door problems, call a professional to look over and diagnose more complex garage door problems such as loose cables, safety sensor replacements, automatic opener malfunctioning, broken springs or damaged garage door panels. You can experience severe injuries while trying to fix garage door springs yourselves and we do not recommend it.

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